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The Hangzhou Dahua Hotel (Hanzhou Dahua Fandian) is located in the city center by the beautiful West Lake, only 3 km (2 mi) from Hangzhou Railway Station.

This Huangzhou hotel is designed in the traditional Chinese style with many of the rooms looking out onto the lake. All rooms are equipped with domestic and international direct-dial telephones, TVs and central air-conditioning.

The on-site restaurants serve Western, Sichuan, Cantonese, Yangzhou and native Hangzhou cuisines.

The business center supplies all the standard services including fax, photocopying, typing and secretarial work. There are also conference and reception halls and several meeting rooms.

Recreational offerings include a gym and a game room. Guests can also play tennis, ping pong and billiards in their spare time.[View Detail]
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  • andyblue
    Hotel at decorate, occupancy of double beds are on the construction site, because it is a night job, really makes it difficult to sleep at night-stay in this room type is not recommended!
  • m00117744
    Location didn't say, BBF, but decoration!
  • cc4480
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good.
  • brentwill
    Apart from decoration, others are good
  • ccalvintan
    Location is very good, down is the West Lake, sitting by the Lake for a while too comfortable
  • bluemoon
    Room security guard at the front desk were very friendly and professional. breakfast room service staff seem to have not so good
  • xiaojiaosong
    UOB, will ever live to Hangzhou Hotel ^ _ ^ ^ _ ^ ^ _ ^
  • GrandBoss
    Hotel location very good, on the Lakeside, the room was so small, looks very clean and coincides with the hotel when we go to a big renovation, Garden was a mess, and had intended to stay for two days, had escaped one night, staff very good, breakfast was good
  • Candace_888
    Great location, West Lake, and seamless, decoration, all inconveniences, corresponding facilities are improving, believe that the renovation will be very good, of course, prices will rise. breakfast is very rich.
    West Lake in a quiet, but nothing else
  • unitesoon
    Hotels in lakeside location, go to Lakeside for convenient, room very clean, breakfast very good, hotel service didn't say, eating hotel is a little more expensive, but across the two hotels are cheap, clean, service is good, the next time you go or where to live,
  • Desmondboey
    Well, zero distance of West Lake, view class!
  • e00830559
    That's good
  • jcbx2003
    Very good Lake health is also very clean, good service
    West Lake, nice hotel, clean, service was good
  • SD08985828
    Park Hotel at decorate only one staff parking at the entrance and the other at the door staff room card to stop bad attitudes very bad experience
  • wangwang1505
    In decorating, little impact during the construction period of rest
  • Maxj001
    Hotel's location, is feeling a bit old
  • e600841
    That's no problem
  • a06040012
    Hotel location is very good, service very good! but old hotel, equipment and facilities a bit behind.
  • Little Hippo
    Excellent service, excellent, is very old
  • railway1234
    Nice breakfast and lunch dishes didn't. good surroundings, eating very convenient. cruise ship very convenient and clean hotel, lack of room is too small, the South Tower in the decoration a little messy
  • e00825804
    Suits West Lake tour, play is very convenient for shopping and dining, the rooms are also auto Washlet, offers cruises is very good, breakfast varieties, cost-performance ratio is higher around the West Lake, less than under major improvements to upgrade the outside is a bit of a mess, but not specials.
    Hotel Butler Service warm, considerate, leave 2-North building service personnel had been sent on the road, unfortunately no lunch at the picturesque dining, thank United overseas for travel services.
  • LAURA123
    Service was very good, would stay again!
  • sesame
    Except around environment other of really didn't mood evaluation, but to later of friends also is windbag several sentence. first hotel of service also is justified. following points to note 1, room fundamental didn't so big online said 28 square meters but staying Hou found up 14 square meters. 2, room facilities old and is dirty curtains almost are didn't replaced to wash had, bathroom even are than shortcut hotel. 3, breakfast too had simple and taste also is General, with children of friends to note, although breakfastNot so, however, half price for children under 1.2 meters, 1.2 meters by adult charges. In conclusion the price absolutely does not deserve four stars.
  • adameva
    Services did not have to say, a very good environment, swimming lake is convenient, and sent boats and supper dessert, but family Suite 1.5 beds are sofa beds
  • e01735407
    Old hotel next to the Lake, but the environment, traffic is good! next time I go to Hangzhou will go live.
  • raylong83
    Environment can be, and balconies can be seen to the West Lake, facilities is indeed old, but next to the Lake, nice, next time will consider again.
  • e01668560
    Good location, service, very good!
  • sonia1024
    Next to West Lake, location was great, although the decoration of the hotel during your stay, but staff are particularly good, Butler service amenities, got up late missed breakfast, the chef specially made bowl of chips for me, very close
  • cyniu
    Nice family room has forced some
  • e01641173
    Hotels in Lake side and customer service at the front desk were very helpful is the provincial authority designated to receive, after all, quality is very good rooms are a little outdated facilities required customer service will try to meet the credit service good breakfast gift of the fresh variety cruises can travel around the West Lake to Lake view panorama
  • bluegu
    Location was great, you can feel the beauty of the West Lake at close range, and you can easily taste the Hangzhou cuisine. service is comfortable, very good trip. because the House towards the North and South, called lake view actual vision is limited, in order to pay the price a little injustice
  • TopDigi
    Great location, in a park, by boat on the side, wherever convenient. now decorate many landscape see the. possible tree because of it, there are a lot of insects. waiter's attitude is good, but after checking out, wanted to use the toilet when you came back again to take the luggage, was told that in the renovation, no bathroom.
  • penny_lai
    Environment is very good, warm and thoughtful service and meticulous, the feeling of a home away from home! and praise one!
  • sunny198976
    Surrounding area very well, quite near the Lake!, 1st
  • clarins
    Environment, good service attitude.
  • litbox
    For adults and the elderly at home ordering the suite, very satisfied!
  • am.pm.
    Nice free yacht can take, it is foggy in the morning
  • mintjam
    Very good breakfast was almost
  • lilyang
    To Qian see many evaluation said facilities old also is somewhat worried of, to has Hou found hotel staff service attitude are very good, room within of facilities also is clean fresh, also are is new, bed is comfortable, I think than Nanjing million up of Hilton Hotel comfortable. except Hotel big decoration, overall environment cannot enjoy to, breakfast of quality also by has must of effect outside, are very satisfaction. hotel of cruise also is good, staying Shi front desk on will asked whether need, himself in outside tickets601. overall recommended stay
  • cedric7ao
    Location is very good of, on in Lake side Shang, environment or, and quiet, to where are is convenient, service also is good of, is Hotel more old, facilities compared old, room also is unlikely to, but also is clean, noise effect not is good, night are can heard corridor in was speech of voice, whole hotel location best of should is restaurant has's, are on Lake, side eat side appreciate Lake King, breakfast varieties many, in the Western are has, also compared satisfaction, staying of when gift has riceShop cruise tickets, but daily quota, overall is quite satisfactory, to Hangzhou in the future should also be selected here
  • audreygao
    The hotel is excellent, Li, the geographical position is superior, belongs to the old hotel, services, restaurants are also OK, is relatively old hardware, in General.
  • e00569026
    And we think it's great!
  • leeyo27
    Waiter service very good. but lake view see the Lake; a is blocked by trees, and the other is bad angle of the room.
  • e05434899
    Hotel location is very good, going to the West Lake surrounded by convenient and Carrefour supermarkets, not far from the Grandma's House, hotel service in place even the cleaning lady etiquette in place, free cruises, restaurant meals are a comfort to death and me, HA HA.
  • coldgirl
    Nice swimming lake which is very convenient room is also very good
  • fredaye
    If intends to 2-3 days tour Lake spirit hidden Longjing and so on core attractions words, dahua is Shang better select. highlight advantage is location and cruise. location unique, on in Lake, seems to scenic part. traffic convenience, walk bike not said, bus battery free select, around taxi also many (than up bridge like attractions door better playing some). distance music fountain about only five hundred or six hundred meters, go back found far drops see also is beauty, sat in water, also can hiddenAbout heard Lake sent to of music sound. self breakfast great, Chinese also do obtained some hang help features dish, taste slightly salt. hotel around catering select very rich convenience, hotel within has small views, feast for the. integrated service capacity strong, staying experience very good. staying Qian proposed of needs are meet, staying check out procedures efficiency high, all problem are can get patience detailed answered. also has very satisfaction of cruise experience, morning nine points sailing tour Lake a hours main attractions are byHad and has explained, makes himself later of walk tour Lake plans has has more clear of thought. very satisfaction of staying experience. set of is big bed room 2 between, requirements arrangements near, actual staying North floor 3 floor, which a between has a small balcony, morning open door, birds Haw JoJo is sweet, far to, saw Lake and tour Lake of vessels. ointment does, facilities slightly explicit old, like carpet, also has shower between minimum. health status bed products are good, has card tips has variety pillow forChoice. bed a little soft.
  • njpeter
    Hotel clean and comfortable, the service warm, beautiful environment and pleasant.